New Year On a Different Road....

Wow! It's been a ghost town here on my site. After looking through my news updates, I think I need to jump back on this thing and share some news. First things first, I'm now teaching more out of my home studio this year than before....and I like it!! I also hope to share some cool pics and videos of my students very soon. Just as soon as I finish editing and receive the go-ahead from parents, of course. I am really excited about learning how to get some cool photos and video from my camera and studio. Learning the software for editing has been fun too. I continue to offer my drumming services as time permits. I no longer maintain a permanent church schedule so my weekends are open most of the time. I kinda miss it, but I am also excited about the new band I am in now. After a 6 month, short stay with Miss Carrie Marie, it was time for me to move on. I wish her and my buddy's in the band the best. I'm confident she will do some good things this year and into her future. I'm still a fan! Leaving was a tough decision but I've always done things and made my decisions with my family in mind. Some may say I am burning bridges, I say if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. :) Back in December I began working with a new group of friends and decided to make a permanent move. Again, as hard as the decision was to make, I am stoked to be playing with some of the best and talented guys in town. Still playing my favorite ole classic country and westerns, with a splash of today's country hits and classic rock to round out the mix. It's an honor and pleasure to be playing with the band, Shotgun Road. We play mostly local with an occasional road trip. If you ever need an old C&W dancing and having a good time fix, you should come and check us out sometime. We play all around Houston, including Richmond, Stafford, Katy, with more areas to come this summer and fall. Visit the link and check out our schedule.

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