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Thank you VoyageHouston Magazine. In August, I'll be recognizing 10 years of being a performing drummer and private lessons instructor. That's a whole decade since I've left a "9-5 job." I remember leaving that job like it was yesterday. It took me, let's see around 1994-95 through 2006 to finally land the job I always wanted and then had leave it. I had it all figured out though or so I thought. Long story short, here I am at another decade marker and I don't even know where to begin. First and foremost, I need to thank my family for putting up with my crazy schedule and being gone when I am out on the road. They have faith in me and my ability to provide for them, for that, I am thankful and forever grateful. I have to also give props and say thanks to everyone that's given me the opportunity to provide my services. There's no way I could even do what I do without the work I am hired to do. Currently with Shotgun Road and all of the opportunities I've been hired to cover, thank you for trusting me. From Churches to Rock and Pop/Top40 music and everything in between, the learning and playing experience has been a pleasure. In the lessons studio, there would not be one if I had no students. Huge and heartfelt thanks to all of my parents that have registered their child and trust in my ability to teach. From beginner band students, drumset students to intermediate and beyond, my students are what drive my creative and playing mind. THANK YOU!! Well, without further ado, this is the article from VoyageHouston Magazine written earlier this year (February 13, 2020)..... Thanks again to VoyageHouston Magazine for the featured article.

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